Friday, March 1, 2013

Catholicism - turning sinners into saints since the birth of Our Lord

Many people, when they think of organised religion, imagine that it is all about praying incessantly and paying homage to the Almighty. It's a mistaken impression though: that's only half the fun.

As Catholic cardinals begin to gather in the eternal city that is Rome, with the purpose of electing a new pope (which could be any Catholic male, anywhere in the world) we ask the question - is it not time to re-assess the role of women in St. Peter's church? We have a couple of candidates in mind who would surely bring youthful audiences flocking back to the church pews of a Sunday.

Costume - Saintly sinner (ML)
Saintly Sinner

Costume - Naughty nun (ML)
Naughty Nun

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