Monday, January 7, 2013

Social Networking - a new way of building up your porn stash

Communications technology has come a long way since human beings first learned to stand upright. Sex was as much a part of the appetites of our early human ancestors as it is to today's species of primitive savages, who still like to go at it like animals. Of course one of the consequence of bipedalism was to increase the range of sex positions available - no further need to 'go at it like animals' but people still do.

Roll on a couple of millennia and hey presto, we are into the Information Age with internet, search engines, social networking, people talking like nerds, etc. And what's among the top ten things people search for when they go online? Well, it's fair bet to say that sex is one among those things that crosses the minds of a lot of people on a daily basis.

PornoTwitter describes itself as "the place to get informative information on all things related to the Adult and Porn industry." They aggregate and distribute links across a range of adult websites and social networks so that all of your porn is in one place - now you just have to decide how you want it served.

Ever find yourself wanting to know what porn stars do off camera? What are their views on the porn industry and what to many might seem a peculiar livelihood? Among the items of interest we found from following @Porn on Twitter is this interview porn actress Sasha Grey:

Elsewhere we read how authorities in various countries are reacting to the rise of internet social networking, in many cases citing the availability of adult content as justification for censorship and curtailment.

Then there are those funny and delightfully perceptive tweets limited to 140 characters that go something like: 
Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.'s a touchy subject! 
Girl: What color are my eyes? Guy: 34C.

Still saying that you 'don't get Twitter'?

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