Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beaniebang Babes - why bang anything less?

Face it guys, most of you are never going to bang a real beauty like the ones you see here. Probably, quite a few of you have abandoned the quest, quite a long time ago too. But that is still no reason to feel bad about it. That's because, the thing is, these girls aren't real. What they are represent the latest generation in realistic love dolls.

Good enough to take home and maybe not introduce to your mother. God forbid, she's probably struggling enough to understand you as it is. No need to give the poor dear further anxiety attacks that can only lead to an early grave.

And there is no reason to either because Beaniebang Babes have devised a clever way of discretely packaging the merchandise. No one need ever know what warped, perverted behaviours you get up to in the name of harmless innocent fun in the sanctity of your own private space.

The following video explains:

How to beaniebang is really nobody's business but your own - we offer no expert advice on this matter. It may not be every guy's cup of tea. Let's face it, after you are finished there is no way that she is going to make you that sandwich. But she might just be the kind of girl who is prepared to overlook all of your (many) shortcomings to give you what your heart desires.

Besides, if it's a sandwich you are after, you can always pop around to the local deli - once you've cleaned up that is. You could even try making eyes at that girl behind the counter that you've always noticed and often wondered about. Who knows, you might just find that she is interested in the same things as you are - plus she happens to be real.

Unless of course you're one of those few who just doesn't deserve a real girlfriend; in which case, at least now you know what else is out there waiting for you.

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