Monday, November 8, 2010

Introducing Kinky and Erotic - a website that serves up pretty much what you would expect (with a few surprises!)

Ever since the dawn of advertising, stupid company executives have had an instinctive understanding of the selling power of sex. All subsequent research into human behaviour has confirmed what we already knew; thank you very much Mr Egghead with your clipboard and pen.

But while it has long been accepted that sex sells, the actual selling of sex is generally regarded as not alright, neither is it endorsed by any of the major sport governing bodies. So now you've been told. Meanwhile advertisers can lead you up the garden path but they reserve the right to charge you money at the door.

On this website we don't sell sex. We don't sell you anything in fact. What we purvey may or may not lead to it. The only tightrope you have to walk is that of your own conscience, and possibly the approbation of certain annoying, stuck-up types, about whom, the less said the better.

So, now that the introductions have been dispensed with there is nothing left for you to do but sit back and enjoy - we'll be here for a while yet.

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